Walking Post 1: My neighborhood

Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan

This blog has lain fallow for some time, but I’m hoping to nudge it awake.

One of the things I decided that I could write about are the walks I take. I don’t get much exercise per se but I do go for walks — sometimes, rather long walks — and I’m often struck the be beautiful, the hauting, the pastoral, and bizarre things I see around my city.

Moreover, I’m usually too busy and tired these days to, say, spend a night walking twenty miles all over the place. But I realized if I just used the trails, roads, and sidewalks available all over Genesee County, I could cumulatively put together some fairly epic flaneurings. That’s one thing I’ll be posting about here in the weeks and months to come.

My first walk on this project, which I took at night several weeks ago, and during which I did not take any pictures*, traced a route through my neighborhood — Flint’s College Cultural Neighborhood or East Village (depending on who you ask) — through the Mott Community College campus to the Flint Cultural Center. That’s where I met the trailhead of the Flint River Trail, which I will save for another time. I walked past Applewood Estate, back to the winding trail that passed along Gilkey Creek through Mott and arrived back home.

It was a short walk; less than two full miles. But it was a beginning.

*If you’d like to see some pictures of my neighborhood, feel free to read these three posts.


Connor Coyne is a novelist living and working in Flint, Michigan. His first novel, Hungry Rats has been hailed by Heartland prize-winner Jeffery Renard Allen as "an emotional and aesthetic tour de force." His second novel, Shattering Glass, has been praised by Gordon Young, author of Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City as "a hypnotic tale that is at once universal and otherworldly." Connor represented Flint's 7th Ward as its artist-in-residence for the National Endowment for the Arts' Our Town grant, through which artists engaged ward residents to produce creative work in service of the 2013 City of Flint Master Plan. Connor's work has been published in Santa Clara Review, Moria Poetry Zine, East Village Magazine, Flint Broadside, Moomers Journal of Moomers Studies, The Saturnine Detractor, and Qua. Connor lives in Flint's East Village, less than a mile from the house where he grew up.

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