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100 By 100, by M.L. Kennedy

review 100by100

Those of us who follow the literary adventures of M.L. Kennedy are accustomed to the brisk tempo, the brashly supernatural, the self-deprecating wit. 100 by 100 mixes it up some. Not in the sense that these characteristic signatures of Kennedy’s writing aren’t there – they are – but they aren’t what most captures a reader’s attention.… Read the rest

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Guest Blog: Let’s Talk About Hacks, by Bryan Alaspa

The Lightning Weaver, by Bryan Alaspa

The Lightning Weaver, by Bryan Alaspa.

First off, I just wanted to thank Connor for letting me on here. Connor is a good friend, a great writer and a big supporter of new talent. I am truly honored to be here.Read the rest

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Get Gothic with Gothic Funk Press


Starting next week, I’ll be teaching leading gathering an informal online class on the past and present of the Gothic aesthetic and outlook. Participation is free! All the details are here: the rest

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Ann Radcliffe = Led Zeppelin

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING: You’re thinking “I want to read a novel by chronically underrated gothic novelist Ann Radcliffe, but I don’t know which one I should read read? If only my general familiarity with the work of Led Zeppelin could somehow help me answer this question!”


Worry not!… Read the rest

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Review: Thanksgiving for Werewolves, by M.L. Kennedy

When I read Thanksgiving for Werewolves, M.L. Kennedy‘s forthcoming short-story collection, I think of Dashiell Hammett. I mean, when I read about Kennedy’s pro-wrestling heroes, I think of Hammett’s chain-smoking private eyes. I mean… well, they both drink a lot of coffee.… Read the rest

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Flint Water Crisis

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