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Following the Flint River Downstream: Flint, Flushing, Montrose, Saginaw, Bay City, Essexville

About a year ago I undertook a sort of informal pilgrimage.

One night, starting at the Saginaw Street bridge downtown, I followed the Flint River upstream north and east, looking for the headwaters.  The drive took me deep into Lapeer County, through tiny towns I’ve heard of most my life, but most of which I had never visited: Columbiaville, North Branch, Dryden, Metamora. … Read the rest

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Wednesday Phenology: 1/18/2012

This week I’ve noticed that it’s cold and the weather has been changing rapidly. That’s not particularly “good.” This is January. In a more typical year, I would have long since noticed that it was cold, and the weather would not be changing much… at least not until I was surprised by a January thaw a week or two from now.… Read the rest

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Reflections on Benjamin Franklin, 2012: Franklin, the Romantic?

Benjamin Franklin’s 306th birthday was yesterday, January 17th.

I’m not an expert on the subject, but, as Walter Isaacson’s essay “What Would Ben Do?” notes, “[Franklin] has been vilified in romantic periods.” The question is how do we separate the spirit and content of romanticism from the momentary tropes of the/any “romantic period.” It its roots, perhaps there is something to this vilification: Franklin was a famed Enlightenment thinker, he tended toward the secular side of the religious spectrum, and he favored egalitarianism and social mobility.… Read the rest

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Wednesday Phenology: 1/4/2012

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Practically the whole block is disposing of their Christmas Trees this week.  We might hang on to ours a while longer, as it is still feeling wet and the Christmas season isn’t over until a week from Sunday.
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Places I’d Like to Live Before I Die: The Final Edition

Every year or so, I’ve compiled a list of “places I’d like to live before I die.” It isn’t a particularly realistic bucket list… if you have to know a place in order to have lived there, I’ve lived in both Flint and Chicago for more than a decade, and I still make unexpected discoveries about both of these places.… Read the rest

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Flint Water Crisis

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