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Walking Post 1: My neighborhood

Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan

This blog has lain fallow for some time, but I’m hoping to nudge it awake.

One of the things I decided that I could write about are the walks I take. I don’t get much exercise per se but I do go for walks — sometimes, rather long walks — and I’m often struck the be beautiful, the hauting, the pastoral, and bizarre things I see around my city.… Read the rest

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The Flint Water Crisis



This has been a momentous month for all of the wrong reasons…

For almost two years, a growing chorus of parents, children, scientists, and everyday people in my city have been complaining that our water was dirty, unclean, unsafe, and undrinkable.  … Read the rest

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#FlintLivesMatter. Please Consider Making a Donation.


Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful posts and comments over the last week.

But… and here’s the rub… while the thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated, what we really need is money. A lot of money.

While the state government is most culpable in this crisis (albeit abetted by some actors on the local and federal level) their commitment to fix the problem has been slow and, so far, insufficient.… Read the rest

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Exploring Flint’s Happy Hollow Nature Area

In Flint, if you walk behind Southwestern Academy, past the sunken track and football field, the well-manicured baseball diamonds and tennis courts and their overgrown cousins, and the launching point for the Cronin Soapbox Derby Downs, you’ll find a creaky pedestrian overpass that crosses I-69 and seems to descend into a huge thicket of trees.  … Read the rest

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FLOOR: The Flint Order of Orpheus

floor logo v1 02The Gothic Funk Press has organized a Kickstarter fundraiser to support our first community engagement project of 2015. The project is to be called FLOOR or the Flint Order of Orpheus, and with just $100 we will be able to develop it.… Read the rest

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Flint Water Crisis

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