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Friday Homicide!

So I actually created the following before posting yesterday’s “poetic interpretation.”  Yes, it is another Friday parody, but this one was put together using all of the recorded footage from the Hungry Rats promotional shoots.  What do you think?  I like how it turned out.  … Read the rest

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The Radical Futures Project Tackles Hungry Rats

“Bella has nothing on Meredith Malady.”

The Radical Futures Project has reviewed my book Hungry Rats and interviewed me personally.
You can read the interview here.  We talked about 2nd person fiction, self-publishing, writerly education, the avant-garde, and Rust Belt art.… Read the rest
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Hungry Rats European Tour — October 2010

Not many people are aware that Hungry Rats took a promotional tour through Western Europe in October 2010, but it’s true! Unfortunately, I lacked the funds to accompany the book myself; my friend Flawed Events was conveniently there on her honeymoon and agreed to escort the book on its peregrinations.… Read the rest

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Hungry Rats @ Quimby’s: Pictures!

On Facebook, I’ve posted a public photo album of my reading at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago.

You can see more photos here.… Read the rest

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What does an adventurous writer do when the city where he lives is socked by the blizzard of the half-century?  He documents the whole thing!  I’ve taken some photos and videos of Snowmageddon 2011 on the North Side of Chicago (Edgewater Beach).  … Read the rest

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Flint Water Crisis

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