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Review/Analysis: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Film)

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How to Survive Your First Year of College: Autumn Quarter, aka SHATTERING GLASS




Shattering Glass Promo Video #1: Dunya and the Man in the Moon
featuring music by Arlow Xan
Dunya Blavatsky played by Destiny Dunn
Cashier played by Donald Harbin
filmed in Flint, Chicago, and at the Atlas Coney Island



Soundtrack: Music that has been inspirational in the writing of my second novel Shattering Glass, published by the Gothic Funk Press.  … Read the rest

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9 Delightful Videos

I wanted to post today, but I’m trying to crank out the new chapter of Shattering Glass and finish raking the leaves and mowing the lawn. So I decided to go for something simple. Here are some videos that had amused and delighted me in the last month or so.  … Read the rest

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Friday Homicide!

So I actually created the following before posting yesterday’s “poetic interpretation.”  Yes, it is another Friday parody, but this one was put together using all of the recorded footage from the Hungry Rats promotional shoots.  What do you think?  I like how it turned out.  … Read the rest

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Hungry Rats Promo Video #3

Hi Everyone!

Take a moment and watch the new promotional video for my gothic funk novel Hungry Rats.

Past videos have been from the point-of-view of the protagonist as she explores the abandoned city. This video is from the point-of-view of the Rat Man, a serial killer.… Read the rest

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Flint Water Crisis

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