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THE APOTHEOSIS OF EVERYBOT, a novel by Connor Coyne





Cover design by Sam Perkins-Harbin /


a free serial novel

Okay, I’m going to take a stab at this.
I usually like to refine an idea for a bit longer before putting it out there, but everything is upside-down, so why not try?… Read the rest

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Tuesday Funk Reading: Urbantasm

Tuesday Funk has very graciously put up my reading from their 100th Episode. This is the first two chapters of my novel Urbantasm, which I won’t shut up about.

I open with a schpiel about the project. If you want to cut to the chase, the reading proper begins at about 2:30.… Read the rest

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Starting at the University of Chicago next month? You still have time to read one more book!

Author Connor Coyne’s second novel, Shattering Glass, was largely inspired by his experiences as a first-year student at the University of Chicago. The novel discloses many little-known secrets about dorm life, midterms, student organizations, and more. Join students Samo, Monty, Ezzie, and Dunya as they study, work, flirt, explore, and battle powers of ancient evil.… Read the rest

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Kickstarter Rewards: Student Artifacts

Please choose one of the following:

a copy of Dunya’s high school notes on “ghosting,”

a page from one of Ezzie’s plays,

Samo’s first impressions of the temporelectrical turbine,

Monty’s journaling on his Ouija Board experience,

a complete list of Arkaic University Student Organizations,

the stolen secret recipe for coneys from the Atlantic Coney Island.… Read the rest

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Kickstarter Rewards: Membership Cards

Please choose one of the following (or suggest your own!):


Inebriated Writers,

The Artemis Hunt,

Saint-Simon Socialists,

Psychedelic Association,

Aaron Burr Society,

Catholic Collective,

Let’s Play Hearts!,

Order of the Eggplant,

Theatre of Gold,

X-Ray Goggles Soup Kitchen,

The Positivist Club,


Students Against Un-Dead Incursions,

AU Juggling Society,

Dominican Association,

The Beat Hip Hop Club,

Gold Standard (Student Newspaper),

We Seek the Illuminati!,

Elysian League,

The Elysium Club,

The Elysium Alliance,

The Elysians,

The Pythag Koreans,

Multicultural Club,

Hellenistic Association,

Spiritualist Club,

AU Journal of Law,

Abstract Ballet,

African and African-American Students United,

Via Positiva,

The Chess Club,

Archaic Arkaic,

Middle-Eastern Students for Christ,

Furtive Democrats Association,

Student Government,

Finally Feminists,

Skeleton Keynes,

Faux League of Nations,

Teh Vegans,

Humane Secularists,

Bueno Tango,



Kyrgyz Club,

The Book Ninjas,


Just Another A Capella Group,

Arkaen A Capella,

Arkadian A Capella,

Annoying Pinkos!,

Fraternal Order of the Pneumatics,

The Cartesian Coordinates,





Idahoans in Arkaic Association,

Arkaic University Flat Earth Congress,

Horns and Pom-Poms,

Arkaen Review,

Arkaic Republicans,

Cross-Stitchers Club,

Baseball… Read the rest

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Flint Water Crisis

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