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Christianity and Social Justice

So I wrote the following letter as a response to Glenn Beck’s recent call for Christians to renounce any church, congregation, or parish that calls for “social justice” or “economic justice” because they are code words for “nazism” and “communism.”

First, let’s be honest; Glenn Beck is a straw man.… Read the rest

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The Red Line is the Red Line.

But it is rarely as Red Line as it was today.

I waited an interminably long time at the Chinatown stop, with some high-school brats. They whipped each other with their own belts, fake-threatened to throw each other onto the tracks, and accidentally really-almost knocked innocent bystanders onto the tracks.… Read the rest

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Hungry Rats Update: Sixth Revision

The sixth revision is completed.

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Hello world!

This is what WordPress wrote when I first logged in:

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Here are some pictures I uploaded.



Green Mill in Chicago

Green Mill in Chicago, Illinois

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Diary: Things to Inspect and Consider, 2009-2010

These links are for my own use and convenience.
However, you are welcome to use them too, if you like.


USNO: Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day. BSF:ET – Resource
Sapphire Moon: Solstice and Equinox Finder.

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Flint Water Crisis

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